Therion – Full Version 2023 Free


Create your own topographic maps with Therion. If you work in the world of topography, by downloading Therion you’ll get hold of an essential tool for free

The ideal tool for any topographer

Topography is the science that studies and represents Earth’s surface graphically in a realistic manner, not only tracing maps, also indicating the level changes (by means of curves), the kind of surface and showing the distance scales.

A program that will help you to design maps

To easily design contour maps we can use Therion, a tool that has been designed to represent spaces by means of vector drawings, allowing topographic maps of up to 25 square meters and allowing to insert images, to be able to use them as guides when starting a project.

Since it is an application focused on a specialized use, the interface isn’t at all easy to use, requiring topography knowledge to be able to control the program.

As a curious detail, we have to add that it includes a utility that will allow the user to make a rough calculation of his alcohol level in blood, by only inputting a series of data.