SplitMovie – Full Version 2023 Free


SplitMovie is a simple program to crop the videos files very easily and quickly. Download SplitMovie for free and crop your videos or change their format

Easily crop any video however you like

How much storage space has your mobile telephone got? Are you always running out of space on both your computer and your mobile? Lots of people will answer yes to both these questions, but we all know that we want to have that entertaining or important video recoding that occupies so much space. Why not crop some parts with SplitMovie until everything fits?

Cut and split videos however you like

This software is specialized in extracting only some parts from the videos of our choice, to do this it includes an enormous area where we will view the video and a bar with the options necessary to indicate the stretch of film that we want to extract. Once we have selected the start and the end (that we will be able to adjust up to the very exact frame), the program will cut out that interval and will save the fragment for us.

Of course, once we trim the video, we will also be able to change their size and resolution, optimizing its size more. It is also possible to recode the video format to choose between AVI, MPEG, WMV or Real Media, even though the options that it offers to configure each on them are very few.

Due to the simplicity of the task that it carries out and how easy it is to use, it won’t be complicated at all to sense how SplitMovie has to be configured to obtain the result that we want.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version lasts for 30 days.