SpeedCrunch – Full Version 2023 Free


SpeedCrunch is an easy-to-use desktop calculator that offers many possibilities. Download SpeedCrunch free and calculate whatever operation you want

Mathematical calculations within everyone’s grasp

SpeedCrunch perfectly combines the precisions of scientific calculators with the simplicity of the most simple calculators. If you are searching for a desktop calculator with many features yet easy-to-use, SpeedCrunch is your program. And what’s more, it’s a free application.

Main features

  • It allows a precision of up to 50 decimal numbers.
  • Can save calculator sessions to load them afterwards.
  • Automatic intelligent autocompleting.
  • Its appearance can be configured to adapt it to your needs.
  • Can be handled from the keyboard.

Moreover, SpeedCrunch has lists for functions, object area and volume formulation, variables and constants that will make the users work a lot easier. By means of the View command from the menu, it will be possible to select which list the user wants to be visible to use it. Another useful tool that SpeedCrunch offers is the history file that will allow the possibility to revise all the operations at any given moment.

Download SpeedCrunch and check this complete calculator that will make things a lot easier when it comes to carrying out complex mathematical calculations.