I2P – Full Version 2023 Free


With I2P you can maintain your anonymity while you browse the Internet. You’ll be able to chat, download torrents or browse with maximum confidentiality

Browse the Internet anonymously

I2P is a tool the purpose of which is to offer anonymity to the communications between computers on a network by means of the Internet. Operating as a web server, it provides plenty of configuration options.

Make your connections and communications confidential

With I2P you can have maximum confidentiality in your communications. Very useful to download torrents, chat or send emails, it will allow us to hide our identity to a great extent. Although the truth is that its configuration can be rather complex for beginners, despite the fact that the developer provides plenty of information regarding the latter.

Main features

  • Increase the security of your connections.
  • Complete control panel.
  • Plenty of configuration options.
  • Connection activity detailed to the maximum extent.

Download I2P and encrypt all your communications.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires Java 1.6 or above.