Flatbook for Chrome – Full Version 2023 Free

Flatbook for Chrome

Flatbook for Chrome is an extension that offers us access to Facebook contents in a much more organized manner to make it easier to read our news feed

Extension to make it easier to read contents on Facebook

One of the greatest drawbacks of social networks is that there’s too much information. That means that we can’t read all the contents in a neat and tidy manner but basically however the social network’s algorithm wants us to read them. Nevertheless, we can fix that problem thanks to Flatbook for Chrome.

Access your different Facebook pages in a tidier manner

With this plug-in installed on Google Chrome, when you access Facebook you can go to its icon on the left-hand side. That will grant us access to a pop-up window with three sections: feeds, unfriended, and profile visitors. The first one will offer us access to a series of page categories (news, entertainment, fun, sports, science, movies…) from where can view the most important ones or those with the most followers on this social network.

Additionally, this extension also tells us which people have unfriended us on Facebook and offers us the chance to check which user profiles we interact with the most.

Requirements and additional information: